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Our continuous use of advanced technology has protected Thai people from mosquitoes for more than 20 years and still been doing so till today. Photo catalysis reaction, being one of the well-known scientific methods is used here. It can create carbon-dioxide to lure mosquitoes.

Our Black Hole Mosquito Trap can mimic human breath. The UVA will react with TiO2 to create carbon-dioxide. Mosquitoes will then be sucked to the bottom of the mosquito container and with our build-in automatic Anti-Escape gate; these mosquitoes will never fly out again.

With 20 years of trusted experiences, our Black Hole Mosquito Trap is developed to achieve highest efficiency for customers. Rest assured that customers will get maximum confidence when using our product.

Black Hole mosquito trap, being eco-friendly, is chemical-free, non-hazardous and safe for human, pet and environment. It’s energy-saving with electricity usage of only 1 baht per day. It comes with 1 year warranty coverage.

  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever
  • Lymphatic Filariasis
  • Japanese Encephalitis



Smoke and insecticide free, perfect for indoor use. Produces CO2 using UVA light and TiO2 - a harmless compound commonly used as a food additive.


Powerful Whisper-Quiet Fan Vacuums Insects.


Low running costs - requires 30 watts of mains electricity and nothing more. Discreet and portable.
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