Generally, human’s breath attracts mosquitoes into a home. Therefore, “Black Hole”, a mosquito trap, can help reduce the number of mosquitoes inside the home. Mosquitoes will be caught by the machine before flying to residents. “Black Hole” provides 24-hour protection.

Mosquitoes will be attracted by “Black Hole” naturally. If the power of the fan is so strong, mosquitoes will fly away. Additionally, it will create a noise which disturbs a resident.

It is totally safe for young children because it does not use any chemical substances to kill mosquitoes.

Human’s breath is stronger than the scent produced from “Black Hole”. If a resident turns on “Black Hole” near himself, mosquitoes will choose to bite him instead of flying into the machine.

To increase the efficiency in attracting mosquitoes, a user should turn on the machine all the time, especially when you are not at home in order to reduce the number of mosquitoes. If you do not use the machine, the number of mosquitoes will increase 2-3 times.

Please check the following:

1. Check a plug, a fuse and a breaker

2. Check a switch and make sure that it is on.

Carefully pull out a plug and check whether there is an unusual thing, dust or stain or insects stuck in the machine or not. After that, please consult “Cleaning process” for cleaning the machine.

1. If a light bulb is loose, please check the position of the light bulb. You have to adjust the light bulb into the right position.

2. The light bulb is broken, please consult “Light bulb Changing” for changing the light bulb.

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