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How it works

Black Hole uses the warmth and glow of UV light to lure in mosquitoes and other predatory insects.

CO2 (irresistible to mosquitoes) is released from organic matter by the photo-catalytic reaction of Titanium Dioxide treated surfaces and UV-Light.

Black Hole’s strong, yet silent fan vacuums insects into the retaining cage.

Mosquitoes will dehydrate and die within 24 hours.

Video Demonstration


Follow the instructions for maximum efficiency of the mosquito trap

  1. Set up this unit near to mosquito source

    Hang your Black Hole at least 1 foot of the floor and away from outdoor space. For the better effectiveness, shouldn’t set up and run this unit nearby human or pet.

  2. Turn on and let them work

    Run this Black Hole at least 4 hours once, especially during night time to disrupt the mosquito clearly in 2-4 weeks.

  3. Easily maintenance

    Simply clean Black Hole by Brush in set every 1-2 weeks and replace UVA light bulbs every 4 months or 3,000 hours.



Smoke and insecticide free, perfect for indoor use. Produces CO2 using UVA light and TiO2 - a harmless compound commonly used as a food additive.


Powerful Whisper-Quiet Fan Vacuums Insects.


Low running costs - requires 30 watts of mains electricity and nothing more. Discreet and portable.

Independent Testing

Independent tests have proven that the Mosquito Magnet® is more effective and captures more types of biting insects and mosquitoes than any other mosquito traps on the market.

Mosquito Magnet® Testimonials

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