Mosquito Magnet Pioneer


For common mosquito problems.

Large yards call for effective mosquito traps. Mosquito Magnet Pioneer defends against mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects safely and effectively within an area of 400 – 800 sq.m. Runs on a 15 meter power cord.

**Exclude delivery & service fee calculate depend on distance, please contact for more information** (Only outdoor product)

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Highly effective mosquito defenses

The Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap lures mosquitoes effectively. It mimics humans by emitting a steady flow of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, while the patented CounterFlow™ technology guarantees powerful trap performance. The machine provides continuous mosquito defenses throughout the summer season. Mosquito Magnet is the ideal solution for outdoor areas. Other machines intended to act as mosquito defenses are designed mostly for indoors, and conventional repellents are a only a short-term solution. Mosquito Magnet is intended for yards and outdoor use, and it starts to work immediately with its effect lasting throughout the mosquito season.

A result of long-term development work and scientific research, Mosquito Magnet helps to achieve highly effective protection from mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects throughout the summer season. It begins catching mosquitoes immediately and produces significant results in a matter of days. The Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap is exceptionally effective and patented for that very reason. You can rely on the genuine, original Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap even in the worst mosquito year ever!

**Exclude delivery & service fee calculate depend on distance, please contact for more information** (Only outdoor product)

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 38 x 60 x 73 cm
  1. Set up this unit near to mosquito source
  2. Insert octenol synergist to the machines
  3. Plug-in and run this unit
  4. Let machine working at least 4 hours/day, especially at night
  5. Cleaning cartridge every 30 days
  1. For outdoor usage, should be set up far from fire
  2. Set up far from children and pet
  3. Shouldn’t use wet towel clean inside the unit
  4. If this unit is malfunctioned, shouldn’t try to fix by yourself
  • Part Number I-MMS-1109-0
  • Color Green
  • Size 38x60x73 Cm
  • Weight 8 Kg
  • Cord length 15 Meter
  • Voltage 220 Volt
  • Material ABS Plastic
  • Low running costs – requires 30 watts of mains electricity and nothing more.
  • Mosquito Trap 1 unit
  • Replacement Nets
  • User manual 1 each
  • Octenol Synergist 1 each
  • Cleaning Cartridge 1 each
  • Cord length 15 Meter

1 year Warranty